Are Financial Advisers Using Social Media to Its Fullest Potential?

Social media has a lot of power for businesses, but only when used properly. Financial advisers could bring in more clients and gain more business quickly and easily if they are willing to use social media to its fullest potential.

Are you doing just that? Here are some of the things you need to be doing!

Offer Transparency

The first place to start is with the transparency of the business. Potential clients want to see you for who you really are, and need to look into your business.  It’s so important to keep an eye on the information posted on your pages and make so it is accurate.

Remember the People You’re Talking To

It’s really easy to forget about the client when using social media. Many financial advisors start using big term and jargon, which confuses the potential clients and means they walk away. Sometimes it’s ok to use the jargon when talking in person or over the phone, since people can stop you or you can tell by their facial expressions, but this isn’t the case with using social media. Always have your audience in mind whenever posting something. If you find you often have to explain a term when face to face with your client the you’ll have to explain it even more when using social media. It doesn’t have to be explained it text, it can be presentations, video, infographics or some other way but whatever way you explain it your followers will appreciate it.

Work on Your Social Media Presence

Social media is something many people now use to find out more about a business. They want to check recent tweets, or any information shared on Facebook. If you’re not there, people will start to question you. If you’re difficult to find but your competitors are not, guess who will get the business. Once you set up your pages, you need to really work on your presence. Promote through the pages, and include links to your social media platforms when guest posting or on your business cards.

If you’re not using your social media to its fullest potential, you will lose customers. You need to think about the target audience and what you want to gain from posting. From there, you can develop a full marketing plan that will make your presence known and bring more people to your profiles so they can learn more.

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