Depop Your Fashion Shop Into Your Customers Pocket

Depop your fashion shop right into customers pockets … Sounds amazing, it is!

Like anything, the fashion market is being affected by mobile technology. People use their smartphones and tablets to search for the best deals and to find items that they love. It’s time to get your shop within the pockets of your customers, and Depop offers the best way of doing that.

What Is Depop?

Released in April 2013, this Italian app is perfect for those looking for fashion on the go. Retailers simply snap a photo of their item, write a short description and list a price. It could be a T-shirt with a new saying, a beautiful skirt or a pair of Converse. Anything will work! Think of it like a flea market on your smartphone.

Fashion on Depop

Why Depop Above All the Rest?

But there are so many apps like this, right? Well, yes but there is a major advantage of Depop. It is possible to handle payments over the app itself, which makes it exceptionally easy for your customers. You can even allow customers to pay via PayPal to offer them the extra buyer protection that so many love.

Do you offer worldwide shipping? Then this app is also for you. There is no location issue, so people will see your items even if they are on the other side of the road. This is good news for you since you get to increase your reach quickly and effectively.

Social Media For Your Fashion Shop 

There is also a very sociable side to Depop. Customers can follow each other, which allows them to see the things others are buying. Even fashion stores can follow each other, so you get to see what people are buying from others and the items that other stores are selling.

Of course, the mobile technology makes it highly effective too. Customers get to check on the go, and browse for the cheapest item for their budgets.

It’s time to get your fashion shop into the pockets of the people. What better way than to put your shop onto their smartphones? Depop offers you everything you could need, including the ability to accept payments online. Boost your sales while being sociable at the same time, you can’t get better than that!

Chanel fashion on Depop
Jimmy Choo shoes on Depop

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