Dog Groomers: You’re Barking Mad Not to Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful form of marketing. If you’re a dog groomer and not using it yet you really are barking mad. Here are just some of the benefits of using social media marketing right now.

Most of It Is Free

Even though most of it is free you will spend time to create posts and interact with people, however if you have more time than money then this part of your marketing you can do yourself. You will also find that you can effectively compete with other businesses once you get a strategy in place and follow a plan.

People Are Using Social Media To Find Services

You may want to reduce your need for other forms of paid marketing because you’ll be able to tap into your market very effectively using social media. By setting up some tools you’ll be able to find dog lovers who could become your customers, also people who are  looking for dog groomers  in particular.

It’s Easy to Build Relationships

Building relationships with your customers and potential customers is important. People need to feel like they can trust you, especially when it comes to grooming their dogs. Social media makes it really easy to communicate and engage, showing that you’re a friendly human being & not just a company hiding behind their logo.

You can share updates on new services quickly and easily, share posts on how well the grooming went and photos of particular cute dogs, always a winner!  Customers are usually more than happy for you to take a photo of their pet to show on your social media page, just make sure you get their permission first.  A photo of a happy owner and pet can go a long way to build relationships, it’s also social proof.

Using Social Media

When you use social media for your dog grooming business, you must put the effort in, don’t do a couple of posts and never go back to it again. It’s all about being there to share updates with your followers, answer questions and being accessible. If you don’t put the effort in then your audience could be disappointed and you don’t want that to happen.

It’s about time to get a social media marketing plan together. As a dog groomer, you’re barking mad if you don’t!

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