How Should Estate Agents Use Social Media?

Do estate agents use social media well? How should they be using it?

Social media is a powerful tool for estate agents, especially when used effectively. The problem is that too many fail to use it properly. It’s important to think about the different platforms out there and use them to your best advantage. Here are some ways estate agents can used social media.

Show off on Pinterest

Pinterest is powerful for visual images. Place all of your images of different homes on a Pinterest account. You can create a board for each house that you have for sale or rent, and group all the images for that house on the board. Within the descriptions, make sure you have the link to the listing for the properties.

As well as that give your audience boards full of home making ideas ..For example boards on bedroom and bathroom ideas, or kitchen and gardens.

Remember that some people are moving into an area for the first time so create a board on local restaurants, bars, or schools and sports activities.

Have a Google+ page

Make sure your estate agent is on Google+, and that you have a location page. Local pages are extremely useful for when people do search terms. They’re going to look for homes to rent or buy in certain areas, your listings will come up if you have something that ties you to that area.

Google+ posts will also show up in search results. You can add new listings and include tips for potential buyers and tenants to show your experience in the area.

Get chatting on Twitter

Join in with the local Twitter chats so your community get to know their local estate agent. Retweet local news, let your community know about developments in the area, a good estate agent always knows what’s happening locally. Tweet and hashtag great areas to live in, or popular local amenities, that one is always good for someone moving into the area. Remember to join in with your local Twitter chat, there are many going on all round the U.K, make sure to find yours.

Be Active and Friendly

Don’t just post your listings and then disappear. It is very important to be active and friendly on all the sites. Answer questions and respond to any complaints quickly. This shows that you care about your clients, whether they are landlords, buyers, sellers or tenants etc. It also shows that you deal with any problems in a timely manner, which is very important. If a customer was ever disgruntled and said so on one of the social media platforms then you have to consider how many people could be watching that post to see how it’s dealt with. This is a chance to shine if it’s dealt with quickly and professionally.

Are you ready to use social media to your advantage? It’s important to think about what platforms your customers could be hanging out on and then use them wisely. List all your images on Pinterest and be active on each of the profiles. You will soon improve your client base.

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