Get a Speaking Gig Using Social Media

If you use social media effectively there’s no limit to what can be achieved… It can help you get leads, make great connections, get customers and even book a speaking gig!

Here are 3 great tips to get a speaking gig with the help of social media.

Build Your Audience First

You need an audience. Without an audience, you’ll have no-one to engage with. It takes time to do this through social media,it doesn’t happen overnight!  You need to keep reach out to others, network with as many people within your field as possible and make good connections. Share your social media platforms on your blog and your guest blogs, this will help any new readers get access to you, to become part of your ongoing audience.

Niche your speaking topics so you speak directly to your audience, if your topic is for everyone you’ll get no one interested. For example Motivating Mums After Childbirth, Winning 9 Times Out Of Ten For Swimmers, Social Media For Frustrated Employers, can you see they are very targeted topics. Having targeted topics help you get found, remember the internet is huge, you cannot afford to get lost in all the noise. Because you are speaking directly to a targeted audience you will become known as a position of authority in that particular topic, which in turn will attract more people to you, which equals more speaking gigs.

Give people a reason to follow you, trust you and book you.

Get Into Using Video

Video marketing is a powerful tool, and something you can use on social media. Start creating videos to share your expertise, and share them on Twitter, Facebook and even Google+. You can also use the social media platforms to record your own videos. Google+ allows you to create hangouts, and you can create them with other Google+ users.

This is great practise for speaking to your audience, It gives you the chance to build your confidence and show them what you can do.

Connect With the Right People

Find out the bloggers and businesses that are hosting conferences. It’s time to network with them,  share your expertise and authority within your niche. Share posts that you’ve written that may interest them, or discuss something recent happening within your industry. Eventually, they may ask you to be a guest speaker at their next conference.

Social media is powerful when used properly. Use it effectively and start getting speaking gigs today!

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