How Social Media Can Help Restaurants

Social media is a powerful tool for restaurants, whether you use Facebook, Pinterest or sites like Tumblr. They each offer their own benefits, which aid in promoting different parts of the business to encourage more people to come along and try the food. Here are some of the ways social media will help your restaurant flourish.

Show Off the Food Created

Pinterest is excellent for visual posts and is the perfect place for showing off the food you create. This can often draw people in because they get to see what they get for their money. While the menus allow you to do this, there is only so much you can fit onto one page. You can share every single dish your chefs create on Pinterest.

Interact with Customers and Potential Customers

The networking sites are all about being social and engaging with people. Facebook and Twitter are the main two options for this and are great ways to interact with guests and those who are thinking about visiting. People have questions, such as whether there are diet-friendly menus or if you offer something for those with special requirements. People will also take to these sites to complain, but you can show that you are competent to handle any complaints immediately, it’s how you resolve the complaint which will go for or against you.
You can create links to pictures and use these pictures to interact with people, e.g The chef can’t decide between two dishes for todays menu, would you choose A or B. Share new menu updates easily and inform people of all their choices. Want to share special promotions? Social media is the place to do it.

Blog About the Industry and Changes

Sites like Tumblr have a space for blogging, so you can share new updates about your restaurant. Even if you don’t blog, social media is a great way to share updates in the industry, changes to your restaurant or introduce your new staff. All this helps to put character and faces to the business, and people are more likely to trust you and try you.

Don’t think social media is worth the effort? It will really help to boost your business. Interacting with customers is really important and the various platforms make it so easy to do that. You can nip complaints quickly and show that you do care. At the same time, you can introduce customers to new staff members and share your delicious food with the world.

Author Alex James

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