How to Make Foursquare Work for Your Cafe

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Foursquare is fast becoming a very powerful social media tool, especially if you own a restaurant or cafe.

The idea is for people to find establishments close to them and chat about them. So if you own a cafe, you’ll get people talking about your business, recommending others to go there or perhaps telling them avoid it! Of course you want the former, so now you need to find a way to make Foursquare work for your cafe.


Set Up Your Profile as Your Brand

Don’t be tempted to create a personal profile to market your business. It’s all about creating a brand, and that means using your business name as your profile name. At least for anything you do with your cafe. When you interact on the site, people are going to see your brand and how you’re connected to the cafe.


Take Ownership of Your Business

Most businesses will be listed on the social media site. If yours is not—and you can check in the directory—you may need to add it. Once you find it or add it, make sure you take over the ownership of it. That will allow you to build the profile, so you can add opening times, descriptions and any deals you have available.


Incentives for Using Foursquare

Encourage your customers to use Foursquare to help your business grow through the use of incentives.  Customers get the chance to “check-in” to say they’re visiting, similar to Facebook. Offer them something for checking in a certain amount of times. The more they check-in, the more chance their friends have of seeing that your cafe is popular. When friends of friends check in regularly, it is a sign they recommend your establishment, it’s social proof and they’ll be more inclined to try it out themselves.


Cross Promote With Social Media

Use all social media to your advantage and promote your Foursquare incentives. There are some people who’ve never used Foursquare,  you want them to get on there to check-in and interact.

Foursquare can really help your business. It gives people somewhere to chat about your cafe, and share the reasons why they love going. It’s time to take Foursquare seriously, and use it to your cafe’s advantage.

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