Make Social Media Work for Your Charity

Have you ever wondered whether social media will help boost your charity or fundraising attempts? When used right, it really can. You can reach the masses without spending a lot—if anything—and will start to see results quickly. Here are the tips you need to really make social media work for your charity.

Take It One Platform at a Time

Don’t just just jump onto all the different social media platforms around. It can be really hard to do this considering there are so many. You’ve got Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, StumbleUpon and so many more. How do you really narrow down your options? Pick the two or three that you’re more comfortable with using and spread your message slowly at first. It will ease the pressure and help boost your charity effectiveness.


Share Content that Interests Others

You can’t keep sharing stuff that only concerns your charity. You need to offer interesting topics and information for your readers. It could be photos from your latest fundraising event, a press release about an upcoming tour or news articles about things that are linked to your charity. While it needs to be relevant to what you’re doing, it also needs to be interesting enough for people to share.


Share Content to Debate and Raise Eyebrows

One trick is to share content that allows people to debate. It could be a recent action of a government overseas that is linked to your charity in some way. You may share a news article about your local government that is linked to your fundraising. These debates and eyebrow-raising issues are often shared among the masses, commented on and increase awareness much quicker and effectively.


Communicate, Engage and Be Social

You post something online and now it’s time to sit back and watch it go viral, right? That’s the wrong attitude to have. The whole point of social media is to be social with your followers. You need to engage with them, communicate and share your ideas and passions. People need to get to know you on a personal and human level to pay any interest in your charity.

It’s not too difficult to utilise social media to your advantage. Think about the type of content you share and consider whether it is relevant, interesting and share-worthy. Once you do share, keep checking and interact daily to show your human side.

Author Alex James

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