Social Media Marketing Tips for Holistic Therapists

As a holistic therapist, you will still need to think about marketing your business.

How else will people get to know who you are and that you’re open for business? Social media is an extremely powerful marketing tool when used properly. Here are four social media marketing tips holistic therapists need to use to their advantage.


One Out of Every Five Posts


When tweeting about your business or sharing a business post on Facebook you need to add at least  four informational posts as well as constantly be engaging. If your whole feed is only about the offers you have and the type of treatments you offer,people will eventually stop listening. They want to learn from you as well as find out what you offer. Limit your sales posts to just one in five.


Share Content You’ve Written


It’s worthwhile creating a content marketing plan, and complementing that with a social media marketing plan. Write about your work, how you become a holistic therapist and the type of treatments you offer. Keep the posts as informative as possible, and limit the sales pitches. People will become receptive to your content, and think about you the next time they need a holistic therapist. You can easily share the posts on your social media profiles which will help improve the reach.


Be Helpful and Engaging


Your social media profiles are where people will come to ask questions. They may want to know more about your services and your prices. Some will want to know about the products you use. Be helpful, answer the questions, and be in-depth without going off topic. The aim is to answer all the questions the user could possibly have, so he or she feels like they know you know, your stuff and trust that you’re willing to put the time and effort in.


Share Videos


YouTube is a great social media, and a powerful one for holistic therapist. Show off your services—get some actors if your clients aren’t happy to be filmed—and talk your potential customers through the type of treatments they can get from you . You can also create videos to answer common questions, which will get people tuned in and watching.


Social media marketing is extremely powerful for any holistic therapist.

The trick is to use it to your advantage. Find ways that show off your business and knowledge, and get people interested.


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