Three Things A Florist On Twitter Should Do

It amazes me how many florists massively fail on Twitter.

Flowers are something that should be visually shared on any social media, not just spoken about.

People use Twitter to search for local services and anyone searching for a local florist would want to see some great images of the arrangements available.

I’ve done this exercise with many students, they’re told to go to the twitter search bar and look for local florists and then explain what attracted them to the one they chose. It’s an obvious answer, florists attract their customers through beautiful pictures and the right hashtags.

If your florist business relies on local people then I would suggest that you use Twitter to tap into your community.

Use Images 

A florist on Twitter who tweets without images is a florist who commits a sin! Make sure you show your potential customers what you can create with your beautiful flowers. It doesn’t have to stop at the displays, other images could include the venues your flowers are displayed at, deliveries at the shop, your employees putting the bouquets together.

Use Hashtags 

When you tweet remember to include your location hashtag #Norfolk #London #Cambridge #Ipswich #Glasgow #Birmingham, where ever it is your florist is located.

When people are searching for a florist on Twitter they will more than likely want to use a florist who’s local to them. It would be wise to add the hashtag #florist into your tweet and a hashtag to describe the image, for example if the image is of a Mothers Day display the use #MothersDay, if it’s for a wedding then use #wedding or #bride. Remember you only have 160 characters and you should leave room for others to RT (retweet) and ad  their own comment. Rule of thumb is never more than 3 hashtags or your tweet could look spammy.

Join In With Local Twitter chats 

It would be good for you to find out when your local Twitter chats are on. #Londonhour #Yorkhour #Norfolkhour #Norwichhour #Devonhour #Colchesterhour #Essexhour, where ever you are there’ll be a local Twitter chat. Twitter chats are where your local community come together to network with each other at a regular time every week. This is a great way to really engage with local people who may become future customers or they perhaps they’ll recommend your business to their connections. Allow people get to know who their local florist on Twitter is, enhance your reputation and build their trust in you.

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