Why Beauticians Love Social Media

Beauticians are big fans of social media. The different platforms allow so much, including sharing photos of work and including promotions for their clients. There is now a large collection of hashtags for use on Twitter, Facebook and other sites for beauty needs, making it the place to be for your business or line of work.

Here are just some of the reasons why beauticians love social media.

Showcase Work Quickly And Easily

Social media makes it possible to put together a portfolio of work for free, quickly and easily. All you need to do is upload the photos that have been taken to a Facebook, Google+ or even Pinterest pages.

Seeing a portfolio of work is important for people looking for beauty treatments. But they want to see more than what the finishing look is like. People want to see the before and after shots, which is something else social media allows. You can even show the during shots if you can find someone to take the photos.

Get Testimonials From Other Social Media Users

The before and after shots are great, but how do people know they’re not doctored? This is another way that social media comes in. You can tag those who were involved in the treatments, as long as they agree. It’s even possible to have them upload the photos and tag your business in.

Social media testimonials are important. Sites like Facebook now offer a star rating for business pages. People can make public comments, and you can interact with them to find out how you can improve. All of this shows engagement and that you care about your customers, too.

How To Do a Beauty Trick

There are likely certain beauty tricks that people want you to show them. Creating a video is a great way to do that, and social media is useful for this. By offering something useful like this, you’re more likely to see people share and comment on it. Your business name spreads around the world, more people start following you, proof that you are knowledgeable and professional.

Still wondering about social media? It could be the best thing for your beauty business. The social media sites allow you to showcase your work and easily offer tips to potential customers, helping you boost your rating and reach around your area.

Author Alex James
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