Why Visual Social Media Is important

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If you’re not using visual social media in your marketing now is the time to get it into your plan, it’s now has to be an essential part of your social marketing strategy.

Show don’t tell!

Written content is no longer king, it’s now visual content and that’s why visual social media is important.

A picture is worth a thousand words and platforms like Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram know it only too well.

Pictures and videos emotionally connect, they’re powerful and people love to share pictures. Sometimes it’s as easy as taking a photo on your phone and getting it onto instagram or other times it’ll be as challenging as putting a infographic together. What ever you do though don’t put visual off, pictures, photos, infographics, graphics, videos, vines have to be part of your marketing strategy.

If you’re not convinced then hopefully this fact will convince you, using images will attract 94% more views than content with no images.Images are processed faster than text and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

A report by ROI research found that 44% of people are more likeley to engage with brands who posted pictures on their social media above any other content posted.

Getting a visual social media strategy 


*Get creative with photo replies within facebook …if you’ve not noticed ( wake up!) you can now comment with photos, look for the grey camera icon on the right in the comment box. When you click this you can attach a photo along with your accompanying text


*Get a Pinterest board  Create a pin board for your industry, pin images and videos from your site, other peoples sites & re pin from other boards. Make your pictures on your website pin-able and link your pns to your Twitter and Facebook

Have a look at this one I done for JobHop


*Let your customers see your internal brand with Instagram. It’s true people buy from people so let your customers see what you guys get up to during work and after work. Photos of the sandwich van that arrives for lunch or the game of footy you’ve organised for charity day, photos like these connect your customers to your brand. Have a look at how Starbucks rock Instagram

Starbucks on Instagram


abbotfox estate agents Norwich Collage


*Create a collage of your weeks best moments and share it across the platforms.

Collages are really quick and easy to do try  Collagemaker  this is just one place where you can create them but if you Google collage maker there’s many more


*Tweet photos and make sure you #hashtag them Tweets with images have a longer shelf life than those with just text.

Remember pictures stay with us

The most popular tweet ever was visual 

Check out the most popular tweet ever here 

808,381 Retweets  301,554 favourites

Have you started your visual social media strategy yet? 

Share some of your pictures with us


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